Perception is a multidisciplinary project focusing on reflection and community. The idea was born following discussions about how the experience of visiting design exhibitions and showrooms has changed due to social media and online purchasing. 

In an exhibition of any kind we mostly look at the pieces as separate entities without seeing the evolution behind them. This audiovisual piece invites the viewer to connect with the objects, through separating them from their usual environment and exploring the emotional value behind them.

The exhibition, held during the Barcelona Design Week 2018, included furniture, audio and video. 16 Barcelona based designers embraced human complexity by exploring the senses. The show questioned our relationship with design by raising awareness about the full experience of the objects and the processes behind them.

Curation and organisation: Sanna Völker
Gallery space: Ox Poblenou
Photos and Video: David Leon Fiene
Sponsors: Lavazza, Inedit Damm, Tibidabo Brewing

Exhibitors / participants:
Max Enrich, Goula/Figuera, Sebastian Alberdi, Alejandra Perini, Alberto Vitelio, Proyecto Rastro, Kiwi Bravo, Matias Bieniaszewski, David Leon Fiene, Loren Garciort and Ángel Ramos.

Type of project: Client Work